New Beanies!

The Denim Companion

The Denim Companion $15.95 at

Beanies beanies everywhere! My daughter Hannah wore her beanie to a BBQ the other night. So many people came over, admired it, and said to me, “you should send these out to photographers for photos!”  I explained that beanies have been a commonplace prop for photographers for many years…but we will love to get the word out! We are working on ORIGINAL beanies – lots of fun colors to match any outfit.

Here are some recent fun creations – all available on!

Minty Grape Delight $14.95 at

Chocolate Covered Strawberry $14.95 at

Cotton Candy Dreams $14.95 at

Raspberry Explosion $14.95 at


2 responses to “New Beanies!

  1. Awwww, all those little cuties in their little beanies! How cute!

  2. Thank you JeLisa!!! Love your photos!

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