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Carry-Me-Krinklet in Orange and Pink Paisley!

Carry-Me-Krinklets are now available at http://www.lilireese.com. Check out Krinklets, the latest CRAZE in baby blanket! Luxurious, minky and crinkly, Krinklets keep babe busy for hours. Roll, crawl and dance on Krinklets to your hearts content! Wash ’em, dry ’em (low heat to maintain softness) and crinkle away!


let’s go shopping

When I was four years old, my family moved to Rockaway, Oregon, a small oceanside town where it rained a lot. My dad was hard at work launching a new business venture and my mom was busy with me and my 6-month-old little sister. We were stuck inside most days because of the rain. My mom recalls spending nearly an entire year indoors, safe for taking for me to pre-school and shopping trips, etc…the weather was just too bad to do anything else.

One of my favorite memories of that time was my mom dressing us up. Even if we were home-bound for a day, mom braided our hair and let us pick our dresses and bows to accessorize our look.  It made every day a little more special and I love looking at photos from when I was little.

When I had my first little girl, Hannah, three years ago, she was was born with a head full of dark, gorgeous hair. As the months went by, her hair became quite thick on top and thin in the back. My husband still refers to those months as “Hannah’s combover days”. Lucky for me, Hannah adored wearing hats and headbands and we had fun shopping for pieces to accessorize her many looks. The hair accessories drew attention to her cherub face and no one noticed that she had a reverse mullet, because her head was always adorned with gorgeous headbands or beanies.

Our littlest addition, Maddie, was born without a single hair. Not one. If I dared to dress her in any shade of blue or green, I had to prepare myself for comments about how cute “he” was. I knew the solution. We pulled out Hannah’s arsenal of hair bands and flowers and began to decorate Maddie’s head each time we went out, to protect “her” from being called a boy.

With two little girls, our collection of beanies, headbands and flowers grew to overflowing. But I loved them so. I love to dress my little girls in layers of fun, textured fabrics and dresses with leggings. From an early age, they were both obsessed with my shoes, so I started to buy them shoes as soon as they could wear them comfortably.

I scoured the internet late at night,  always searching for the most unique and funky outfits and accessories for the girls. I started a collection of favorites and decided to start a children’s boutique for the busy mom who loves to dress her kids. In order to make the the boutique unique and give it some pizzazz, I knew we’d need some exclusive items that you could only find at lilireese.com.

My next blog will cover my favorite item for sale at lili reese, Krinklets.